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Replaces tears with explosive and poisoning projectiles fired in an arc from the mouth.


"Explosive shots"


  • Replaces tears with explosive and poisoning projectiles fired in an arc.
  • Tears down - (Delay * 2) + 10
  • +13 Shot Height
  • +40 flat damage
  • Tear size multiplier: 0.4x
  • -0.2 shot speed.
  • Minor range down.
  • This item belongs to the Bob set. Collecting three items from this set will transform Isaac into Bob.


  • - Blood beam now does poison damage. The character doesn't gain the Damage Up or Tears Down effects.
    Isaac shoots Ipecac tears while charging Brimstone. Both Brimstone and Ipecac shots modify Isaac's damage and tear delay stat, meaning that Ipecac fires slower and Brimstone charges slower, but Brimstone does an extra 40*13 damage. Take care to pre-charge Brimstone so that the Ipecac shot is on cooldown as Isaac enters a room.
    Blood beam has chance to do poison damage and explodes on enemy or obstacle contact. Adds +2 damage, but does not modify Isaac's tear rate stat. , when placed, will trigger the Ipecac-Brimstone explosions.(possibly a bug)
  • - The main tear splits into four explosive splash tears. The splash tears can still damage Isaac.
  • - Bombs explode on contact, do no damage to Isaac and become Bob's Curse bombs.
    Dr. Fetus + Monstro's Lung: Renders Isaac no longer immune to his shots, also they will explode as soon as Isaac shoots.
    Dr. Fetus + Sad Bombs: Isaac is not immune to the explosive shots created by the Sad Bombs' effect.
  • - Missiles turn green and are poisonous. Damage greatly increases as the flat damage bonus stacks with Epic Fetus' explosive multiplier.
  • - The Ipecac shots cause full-damage explosions instead of lesser splash damage when they bounce off the floor, though they can also harm Isaac.
  • - Tear delay is increased by 1/3 compared to either of the items on their own, but Isaac now fires Ipecac shots that releases poisonous, high-damage but non-explosive split tears on impact.
  • - Tear damage is increased by 4, explodes when killing an enemy, and comes back to Isaac.
    +4 damage bonus, no explosion.
    +2 damage bonus, no explosion.
  • - The ring has chance to do poison damage and explodes on enemy or obstacle contact.
  • - The explosions from the beam do not damage Isaac.
  • - Knife turns green, may poison enemies, and removes Ipecac's damage increase.
    Also adds +4 damage.
    Also adds +2 damage, explodes on enemy contact.
  • - Isaac fires a barrage of Ipecac shots, with no increase in charge time compared to Monstro's Lung alone.
    Charge time increases by 3x.
  • - Leaves a massive pool of creep on the floor on impact.
  • - The Ipecac tear will spawn two smaller explosive tears when it collides with a solid object, but not with an enemy. These tears can spawn tears on their own as well, potentially leading to huge chain reactions.
  • - The laser ring becomes poisonous and gains +4 damage.
    Explodes on contact, adds +2 damage.
  • - +4 damage bonus, poisonous laser.
    +2 damage bonus, poisonous laser that explodes on enemy or obstacle contact. Keep's Ipecac's stats other than damage.
  • - The explosive tears from Ipecac are replaced with Trisagion's beams that travel through obstacles and have a piercing effect dealing 33% of regular damage to enemies they come in contact with, but won't explode on hit. The Ipecac explosion will happen once the beam runs out of range or hits a wall and will deal damage equal to Isaac's damage.
    Keeps Ipecac's stats but shoots a constantly exploding Trisagion beam. There is no way to avoid being hit from the explosion, since the shot immediately explodes.
  • - The laser will repeatedly explode on contact with an enemy or obstacle.

Found in

  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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