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Flat Stone

Flat Stone


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Tears bounce off the floor, creating splashes. Splashes deal 25% of Isaac's tear damage to all enemies in a small area.


"Skipping tears"


  • Tears bounce off the floor.
    • Whenever a tear bounces, it deals splash damage to all nearby enemies for 25% of Isaac's tear damage.


  • Compound Fracture
    - Bone tears will bounce normally, and bone shards will only bounce once.
  • Cricket's Body
    - Tears release smaller tears every time they bounce.
  • Haemolacria
    - Tears release smaller tears every time they bounce.
  • The Parasite
    - Tears release smaller tears every time they bounce.
  • Dr. Fetus
    - Bombs bounce, dealing damage to nearby enemies when they bounce.
  • Ipecac
    - The explosive shot bounces, poisoning and dealing high damage to nearby enemies every time it bounces.
  • The Ludovico Technique
    - The tear constantly bounces. The Ludovico Technique + Compound Fracture: Bone shards burst on every bounce. The Ludovico Technique +
    Jacob's Ladder
    : Electricity bursts on every bounce.
  • Mom's Knife
    - The knife bounces as it flies away from Isaac. Each bounce splashes, dealing the current damage of Isaac's tears.
  • Monstro's Lung
    - All tears bounce simultaneously, greatly increasing reach of the burst.
  • Mysterious Liquid
    - Tears leave a pool of creep with each bounce.
  • Pop!
    - Eyeball tears bounce repeatedly against the floor when they are about to disappear, but can be knocked by other tears to reset their range, meaning tears can be kept in the air forever as long as they are hit when they are bouncing against the floor.

Found in

  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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