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The MinMax Wiki Discord bot allows Discord server managers to integrate with any wiki on the MinMax platform. This gives the community quick access to query for and display a page of the connected wiki, to for example bring up the stats for a game's item as it is being discussed.


How to Install

To install the bot on your server, visit this link and follow the instructions:

After the bot is installed, you'll need to type /config set <name of wiki> in any channel that the bot has access to in your Discord Server. Go ahead and enter the name of your wiki:


The bot should let you know if it's been configured successfully:


After this is done, anyone in the server can use the /get chat command to search for any page on your target wiki. The command supports searching both for page titles and any content of that page.


The bot will pull up the page's title, image, first paragraph and any additional page properties that have been set up:



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