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Tech X



Tears are replaced with laser rings that pierce through enemies and deal damage to enemies within them. Can be charged to increase the size of the ring.


"Laser ring tears"


  • Isaac's tears are replaced with ring-shaped lasers.
    • Shots can be charged to increase the size of the rings.
    • Only the outer circumference of the rings will deal damage.
    • Rings pass through obstacles and enemies.
    • Rings have infinite range and will travel until they hit a wall.
    • Damage dealt is based on the amount charged, starting at 25% Isaac's damage and scaling to 100% at maximum charge.


  • - Fires two Tech X rings instead of one.
  • - Fires a brimstone circle instead of a tech circle.
    Azazel: Picking up Brimstone will still override Tech X. When you pick up Tech X as Azazel with his inherited Brimstone, Tech X does nothing at all.
    As Azazel, Brimstone no longer overrides Tech X, instead Tech X overrides Azazel's Brimstone. This works quite well with Azazel's good initial damage stat and also negates his initial range penalty.
    Overrides Tainted Azazel's Brimstone.
    Brimstone + : The damage boost from Brimstone+Technology is lost, but the laser fires while charging the brimstone ring.
  • - Overrides the charging effect, but shoots a laser ring with a bomb in the middle.
  • - Each missile shoots 10 laser beams like from in each direction, similar to Tammy's Head.
  • - Haemolacria tears will burst into 3-5 Tech X rings on impact.
  • - Hitting enemies has a chance to stick a spore to them.
  • - Simultaneously fires the knife and laser ring(s).
    Overrides Tech X.
  • - Extra laser rings with different sizes depending on how long Isaac charges it are fired, will increase charge time.
  • - The rings bounce off walls and have infinite range
  • - While the rings won't home in on enemies, they will bend inwards to hit enemies within each ring, resulting in a substantial damage area increase.
  • - Magnetic effect pulls pickups and objects to the edge of the ring, increasing accuracy.
  • - Equips both laser systems.
  • - Equips both laser systems.
    Overridden by Tech X.
  • - Equips both laser systems.
  • - Replaces the outer laser ring with a star-shaped oval, slightly increasing its area of effect.
  • - Tech X rings can sometimes create an explosivo tear that sticks to enemies on hit.

Found in

  • Crane Game
  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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