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Rubber Cement

Rubber Cement

Tears bounce off walls, enemies, and environmental objects.


"Bouncing tears"


  • Makes tears bounce off walls, enemies and environmental objects.
    • Tears that bounce off of enemies bounce in random directions, whereas tears that bounce off of walls and other objects bounce directly back.
    • When tears bounce from enemies, they become able to hit the same enemy again should they bounce off of another enemy or obstacle.
    • Tears bounce off bombs.


  • Brimstone
    - The blood laser bounces off of walls, creating a second beam that deals half damage. Azazel's Brimstone laser becomes a full length laser after bouncing, but will deal half of the damage. Azazel's Brimstone no longer becomes a full length laser after bouncing, and instead bounce as a regular mini-Brimstone.
  • A Lump of Coal
    - Both effects stack, with tears that bounce off of enemies being able to hit others for more damage.
  • The Parasite
    - Tears will bounce off of walls without splitting, but split and bounce when hitting enemies. The split tears and the original one will bounce off everything.
  • Pop!
    - Significantly increases the uptime of tears, since they are not limited by range and each tear will bounce off of each other. Continuously firing tears will eventually create a positive feedback loop, as the tears will keep bouncing faster and faster while not dropping to the floor. Pop! +
    A Lump of Coal
    : Extremely powerful combination; Lump of Coal's tear size increase will make it much easier for tears to bounce off of each other, while they increase in damage very rapidly. Given some time and enough tears, this can kill even final bosses such as Hush and Delirium quickly.
  • Technology
    - Laser bounces off walls, creating a second beam that does half damage.
  • Technology 2
    - Laser bounces off walls, creating a second beam that does half damage.
  • Tech X
    - The laser rings bounce off walls infinitely

Found in

  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)
Item Passive Entity
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