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A Lump of Coal

A Lump of Coal


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The more distance tears travel, the more damage they will do.


"My Xmas Present"


  • Tears gain a flat damage bonus of about +0.5-0.6 per tile of distance travelled, unaffected by all multipliers. There is no upper limit to the bonus.


  • - Tears and more importantly their auras will increase in size and damage the farther they travel.
  • - The movement pattern increases Coal's damage at the same effective distance.
  • - Increases the tear's damage and size the farther the tear is from Isaac. Even at close range, it will still do about +3.5 damage.
  • - Hitting enemies with tears that initially missed will grant possibly considerable extra damage.
  • - Tears will increase their damage and size as they travel, and they are not limited by range.
  • - Coal's flat damage increase is not affected by Soy Milk's multiplier, so tears gain the full benefit from Coal.
  • - The movement pattern allows much longer airtime and reasonably easy way to hit enemies with the powered-up tears.

Found in

  • Boss Drop (Greed Mode)
  • Devil Room (Greed Mode)
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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