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Tractor Beam

Tractor Beam


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Increases tears, range, and shot speed. Isaac emits a beam from his face that his tears follow along.


"Control your tears"


  • A beam appears directly in front of Isaac in the direction that his head is facing. Isaac's tears travel in the path of the beam.
    • When Isaac moves or turns his head, tears that are mid-flight will snap to the beam.
  • +0.5 tears.
  • +5.25 range.
  • +0.16 shot speed.
  • +0.5 tear height.


  • Anti-Gravity
    - Tears that are still hovering can be pushed in the direction Isaac is aiming by walking into them.
  • Cricket's Body
    - All splash tears will follow the beam, effectively tripling damage.
  • Continuum
    - The tears will re-appear directly in front of Isaac and continue their flight path after going off screen.
  • Kidney Stone
    - Tear barrage and stone will follow the beam.
  • Lachryphagy
    - Tears can still be fed and will still burst. Burst tears will travel along the beam.
  • Mom's Knife
    - Teleports the knife when aiming in a different direction after you shot the knife.
  • Monstro's Lung
    - All tears are fired along the beam but at different heights.
  • Ouroboros Worm
    - The tears follow a straight path, ignoring the spiral pattern, the tears also stall at a specific point giving a greater chance to land tears.
  • The Parasite
    - All splash tears will follow the beam. If combined with
    will result in absurdly strong knockback, capable of pushing almost any boss away with incredible force.
  • Pop!
    - Tears stick along the tractor beam even when they slow down and collide, capable of creating a dense line of shots.
  • Rubber Cement
    - Tears will follow the beam until they bounce off of something, then they will leave the beam.
  • Sinus Infection
    - Once the booger falls off the enemy, Isaac can loosely control it by moving and firing in different directions, and make it stick to another enemy.
  • Sprinkler
    - Tears fired by the sprinkler will follow Isaac's beam, increasing damage output.
  • Tiny Planet
    - The tears will no longer orbit Isaac, but still gain the range increase and spectral tears.

Found in

  • Crane Game
  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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