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Mom's Eye

Mom's Eye

Allows Isaac to fire tears from the back of his head.


"Eye in the back of your head"


  • Gives Isaac a chance to shoot a tear out of an eye on the back of his head.
    • The chance to shoot a second tear depends on the luck stat and goes up to 100% at 2 luck.
      • The luck cap is now higher.


  • Brimstone
    - The laser comes out of both sides of Isaac's head. Azazel: The laser that comes out of his back is short-ranged as well.
  • Chocolate Milk
    - Charge determines size and damage of both tears.
  • Loki's Horns
    - Any time Mom's Eye would activate, Loki's Horns activates instead, enabling guaranteed 4-way fire at 2 luck, instead of the 7 Loki's Horns alone would require.
  • Mom's Knife
    - Another knife appears on the back of Isaac's head, which has a chance to be fired whenever the main knife is fired.
  • Rubber Cement
    - When Isaac is near a wall, the backward bouncing tear effectively doubles Isaac's tears.
  • Technology
    - Occasionally fires a laser out of the back of Isaac's head.
  • Technology 2
    - Occasionally fires a laser out of the back of Isaac's head.
  • Eye of the Occult
    - Mom's Eye tears go to where you're shooting.

Found in

  • Mom's Chest
  • Old Chest
  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)
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