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Gives Isaac the chance to fire tears that magnetize enemies they hit, causing them to attract nearby pickups and enemies, as well as tears/shots from all sources.


"Magnetizing tears"


  • Gives Isaac the chance to fire tears that magnetize enemies they hit, giving them properties similar to tears fired by Isaac when he has :
    • Enemies and pickups that are near magnetized enemies are pulled towards them. This includes live bombs.
    • All tears/enemy shots (from Isaac, his famliliars, and all enemies, including the magnetized one) will be strongly pulled towards magnetized enemies.
      • Enemy shots that get pulled in will now also damage enemies other than the ones that fired them.


  • - Changes the color of rings to gray. They still apply the magnetized effect, but the effect being applied is random for each enemy damaged with the same ring. Has increased chance of magnetizing enemy.
    With : Rings lose chance to magnetize enemies. Only bomb explosions will magnetize them.

Found in

  • Crane Game
  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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