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Increases the size and effectiveness of most familiars.


"Your Friends Rule!"


  • Visually increases the size of all familiars by 25%, and improves the effectiveness of most of them.
    • Doubles the damage of Familiars that deal damage through tears and contact damage.
      • Only affects familiars that deal a set amount of damage. Has no effect on most familiars that scale with Isaac's damage.
      • Has no effect on Creep generated by familiars.
    • For pickup-generating familiars, increases the frequency that they drop pickups.
      • Familiars that require clearing a certain number of rooms will require one less room.
      • Familiars that have a random chance to drop items have a higher chance.
      • Familiars that pick up consumables require less, except
        Dark Bum
        which is unaffected.
    • Some familiars have unique synergies.


  • BBF
    - Doubles impact damage and increases explosive damage by 25.
  • Bob's Brain
    - Doubles impact damage and increases explosive damage by 25.
  • Blood Oath
    - Adds 2 full hearts' worth of bonuses if any health is drained at all, e.g. losing 1 heart gives the bonuses of 3 hearts.
  • Incubus
    - Deals double Isaac's damage instead of copying it.
  • Fate's Reward
    - Deals double Isaac's damage instead of copying it.
  • Holy Water
    - Double water damage, spawn a blue flame at point of impact.
  • Juicy Sack
    - Spawns an extra Blue Spider.
  • Lil Spewer
    - Increases the creep pool's size, but not its damage.
  • Mystery Egg
    - Spawns a champion variant of the enemy, even if the enemy can't normally be a champion.
  • Lost Soul
    - Gives the Lost Soul a
    Holy Mantle

Found in

  • Shop
  • Shop (Greed Mode)


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