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Playdough Cookie

Playdough Cookie


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Grants multicolored tears. Each color comes with a different status or tear effect.


"Tasty rainbow"


  • Tears fired have a random color and status effect on each shot. These are some of the effects that can be granted:
    • Light Brown: No effect
    • Green: Poison
    • Yellow: Fear
    • Blue: reduced damage (up to 1/3rd reduced)
    • Light Blue: Slow/Freeze
    • Pink: Charm
    • Red: 2x damage
    • Dark Red: Burning
    • Purple: Homing
    • Dark Orange: Bleeding


  • Aquarius
    - The trail is now multi colored. Each puddle has a chance to grant a status effect based on the color.
  • Brimstone
    - Brimstone rapidly changes colors and applies random effect. Also applies to Azazel.
  • Dr. Fetus
    - Each bomb flashes different colors and leaves behind colorful smoke once they explode. Has a chance to have the appearance and effect of
    Bob's Curse
  • Technology 2
    - The laser changes color every tick and gives the corresponding effect.

Found in

  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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