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Daddy Longlegs

Daddy Longlegs


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Daddy Long Legs' shadow follows Isaac and occasionally stomps enemies for 40 damage total.


"Daddy's love"


  • Daddy Long Legs' shadow follows Isaac and stomps on enemies for 20 damage per tick, with each stomp capable of hitting a single enemy twice for a total of 40 damage. The delay between stomps is approximately 4 seconds.


  • Box of Friends
    - Daddy Longlegs will be duplicated by the Box of Friends, causing feet to stomp down in multiple places simultaneously.
  • Gnawed Leaf
    - Allows Isaac to stay invincible while Daddy Longlegs clears the room, granting Isaac a slow but effective way of completely avoiding damage. This combination is especially useful as The Lost.
  • Infestation 2
    - All kills from the Daddy Longlegs will count as kills from the player, causing Infestation 2 to activate.

Found in

  • Baby Shop
  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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