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Cursed Eye

Cursed Eye


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Grants charged tears that can be fired in a tight burst. Getting hit while charging will teleport Isaac to another room.


"Cursed charge shot"


  • Grants charged tears which fires a tight burst of shots.
    • The full burst size is five shots.
    • Releasing all fire keys while not completely charged shoots fewer tears, depending on charge time.
  • Taking damage while charging will teleport Isaac into another room.


  • Black Candle
    - Teleport effect is removed.
  • Holy Mantle
    - Losing Holy Mantle while charging Cursed Eye will not teleport Isaac.
  • Incubus
    - Incubus fires 3 tears for each one that normally would be fired, with no change in delay. Incubus now functions normally with this item, firing up to five shots depending on charge.
  • Marked
    - Tears are charged and automatically fired to varying levels depending on the distance between Isaac and the reticule. The firing rate is greatly increased without affecting the tears stat, even beyond normal maximum fire rate. The teleport effect is removed.
  • Neptunus
    - Tears charge over time while not firing. The teleport effect is removed.
  • Technology
    - Becomes a quick charging laser that shoots multiple lasers on release.
  • Technology 2
    - Laser fires while charging Cursed Eye. Tear delay for the charge is unaffected by Tech 2. Allows Cain to fire normal tears.

Found in

  • Red Chest
  • Secret Room
  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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