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Events are unlocked after completing the achievement. Upon unlocking, a random event has a small chance to occur after a fight, which you can choose to either accept or decline. There are six different types of events, as seen below.



An offer to receive a number of items, but you will have to fight a set of monsters afterward on the floor you got the challenge.



An offer to receive a .

Reroll Class


Reroll the class of one of your heroes to another one with the same tier
and color (Always a non-generated hero)

Swap Hero


Swap the position of a hero in your team with another hero in your team (No side-effects)

Anvil (Smash)


Smash your second highest tier item into tier 3 item(s). The number of T3 items is equal to the smashed item's tier divided by 3 and rounded up.

If you smash a tier 0 item or below, it will remove the item without
giving back anything

Anvil (Combine)


Combine all your tier 0-3 items into a higher tier item:

  • Tier 0 items are worth 0.5 tier
  • Tier 1 items are worth 1 tier
  • Tier 2 items are worth 1.5 tier
  • Tier 3 items are worth 2 tier

At the end, result is rounded down to closest integer. If there is no item in that tier, you will get . If you don't have any item to combine, you will get a free tier 0 item upon accepting.



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