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Ravenbound is an exhilarating action game developed by Systemic Reaction, a division of Avalanche Studios Group, that combines the excitement of a roguelite with the choices and exploration of an open world. Set in a unique fantasy world inspired by Scandinavian folklore, players assume the role of a Vessel to the Raven, an eternal weapon created by imprisoned Gods. The goal is to free the Gods and restore order to the island of Ávalt by rebuilding the Raven's power through the Vessel's lifetimes. Featuring permadeath mechanics, each fallen Vessel is gone forever, but their strength remains with the Raven, allowing players to return stronger in subsequent lives.

The gameplay in Ravenbound involves fast-paced action-roguelite combat as players face corrupted creatures inhabiting the land. Players must hone their skills through multiple lifetimes in a dynamic hack-and-slash combat system, mastering the mechanics and selecting upgrades that complement their playstyle to overcome the challenges ahead. The island of Ávalt offers a vast open world, teeming with enemies inspired by Scandinavian folklore, such as Trolls, Huldras, and undead Draugr. Players can explore the island on foot or take to the skies in their Raven form.

Progression in Ravenbound is achieved through cards and unlocks discovered during each journey through Ávalt. With each lifetime, new cards are unlocked, some by chance and others by player choice, which grant various upgrades such as better armor, new playable classes, magical weapons, and relics that enhance the character. The rewards increase as the player becomes stronger, and finding the right combination of cards and synergies is crucial.


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