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OneForAll is a Post-apocalyptic shooter adventure game for the Microsoft Windows platform. The game was developed and published by Relka studio on Steam.


This game takes place after an apocalyptic attack and you're one of the last survivors. The goal is to survive, complete quests, explore the huge wild world, eliminate all kind of enemies, level up, and create a safe place for the rest of the survivors in order to save the world.


The player has to solve quests and find objects in order to advance in the game. Some objects can be combined and have to be used in certain places. The player can also interact with other NPCs and achieve some more side missions. The player can travel to different locations to find clues and solve quests among the way.


The Development started around the middle of 2020, the studio began working on the game, which was financed
through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in October 2020. It was developed with Unreal 4 (game engine).
The game is inspired by adventure game classics such as Left 4 Dead, World War Z (2019 video game), and Dead Island 2.
Although being developed by a one-man only (Raphael Chalupowicz), the game was written in English first and later translated
into Hebrew.


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