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First, they’ll feed you, then they’ll make you work.


Heals [15+5*loop] hp upon entering. Gives you a quest.


The quests involve killing a specific enemy. The enemy will be stronger(+200% HP) and have a different icon next to their hp when fighting them. Killing them will provide bonus loot.


The insanity going on around you is clearly visible when you look at the villagers. As if hypnotized, they refuse to cross the boundaries of their home settlements, and continually assure you that they don't have any business outside. They accept any outside metamorphosis going on around them as something absolutely normal for this world. They're like chameleons. Put them anywhere you want- and they'll adapt. Isn't this true about everything you've managed to remember? The force of their connection with a tiny piece of real world is astounding: you may have no idea that a monster is waiting for you down the road, but the villagers will have already put a bounty on it and will tell you it's been terrorizing their home for ages... No one will tell you how exactly for how long, though.

Unlocked by

Build a Gymnasium in your camp.



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