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Maze of memories

Maze of memories

The intricate structure of its walls forces you to use your brain and remember a big part of this world.


Does nothing. It takes up a lot of space.


Almost all powerful mages are obsessed with finding a way to become immortal. The Labyrinth of Memories is the result of an attempt to achieve that goal. The spells placed upon its walls can surreptitiously replace the memories of everyone who passes through it with the memories of their long-gone architect. Any human walking towards the center of the maze will pass through multiple key memory points, becoming a completely different person-the mage who designed and created this labyrinth. But even with all the metamorphoses the victim's personality goes through, and with all the memory replacements, the complete transformation still never occurs. Even for all the fools trying to make it to the center in pursuit of the mage's treasure. It's not known what mistake the dead mage made that led to this: maybe memories just aren't enough to form a complete personality, or maybe there were some errors in his spells or blueprints. Or maybe there weren't any mistakes at all-and the first successful copy of the mage went back and intentionally damaged the labyrinth to prevent the birth of another one. Who knows?

Unlocked by

Build a Library in your camp.



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