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Battle field

Battle field

It smells of blood and steel.


Spawns a chest at the start of each loop. Enemies on adjacent tiles can become ghosts.


For a long time now this place has proved to be fit for the battles that have happened here numerous times over different periods of history. The earth was quick to absorb the blood of the fallen, but not their bones and armaments. Most of these battlefields had proper names and rich histories, which are now lost beyond memory. People who live around here prefer not to search for the riches of dead warriors. Even animals try to stay away from the corpses. The feeling of an never ending battle still rages here even after death has claimed all of its participants. Every visitor risks becoming a part of a battle long passed and to keep its sounds in his or her head forever. Sooner or later these unlucky people find their way back here to become new members of the uncountable army of ghosts.



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