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A central hub for the true masters of war craft. They can teach anyone to fight with any weapon.


Creates an additional item slot. Lowers its quality by 15%.


This building is not just a simple arsenal. Under such a humble name there hides an ancient school of warcraft. It wouldn't be fair to say that the fighters who were taught at tk.lrsenal were unrivaled, but they were definitely always sought after. The main focus of this school is mastery of every type of weapon and ammunition, even the most exotic ones... and simultaneous use of multiple weapons in combination. Of course, it would be hard to learn all this without having a large variety of weapons. That's why the arsenal also functions as a large museum of warcraft. Among its multiple exhibits one can Find items so exotic that you wouldn't even know where to start in handling them. If you happen to meet a clumsy-looking warrior carrying a ridiculous number of armaments, don't be too quick to laugh at him. It's quite possible that he is a graduate of the arsenal. And he'll use his deadly inventory to teach you some respect.

Unlocked by

Build a Smelter in your camp and have an Intel Center built.



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