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The Stairway

The Stairway


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Generates a ladder at the start of every floor that leads to a unique Angel Room shop.


"May you get what you came for"


  • Generates a ladder which leads to a special Angel Room Shop at the start of every floor. This Angel Room Shop generates independently from the floor's normal Angel Room. This Angel Room is guaranteed to spawn regardless of Devil/Angel Room generation chance. These angel shops always contain the following:
    • Three items/pickups for sale. These items/pickups can be on sale, just like with normal Shops.
      • An item from the Angel Room pool for 15 pennies.
      • An eternal heart for 5 pennies.
      • A soul heart for 5 pennies.
      • A key for 5 pennies.
      • A
        Holy Card
        for 5 pennies.
    • An Angel statue. The Angel can be fought for a Key Piece like normal.
    • A normal beggar near the door out of the room.
    • A Confessional, if it has been unlocked.
  • The ladder to the angel room disappears if Isaac leaves the starting room, regardless whether Isaac has climbed it or not.
    • If the floor is restarted due to a game crash, the ladder does not reappear.

Found in

  • Angel Room
  • Angel Room (Greed Mode)


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