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Adds a chance to fire needles that instantly kill basic enemies and deal triple damage to bosses. If a needle kills an enemy, it bursts into more tears/needles.


"Needle shot"


  • Adds a chance to fire needles which deal triple Isaac's tear damage.
    • Needles will instantly kill regular enemies and cause them to burst into 10 more tears in all directions.
    • The chance to fire a needle depends on luck. At base luck (0), it is 3.33% and goes up to 100% at 15 luck.
      • No longer a 100% chance at 15 luck.
  • This item belongs to the Spun set. Collecting three items from this set will transform Isaac into a buff berserker.

Found in

  • Curse Room
  • Devil Beggar
  • Treasure Room
  • Treasure Room (Greed Mode)


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