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Athena gives boons that allow abilities to Deflect projectiles and improve various defensive options.


If given Nectar, Athena will give you the Owl Pendant.
Athena's affinity gauge is maxed out at 7 hearts.


Athena's favor requires seeing all three of Athena's remarks after successfully clearing a run, acknowledging Zagreus' strength.


Many of Athena's boons add Deflect to your abilities. Deflect is a mechanic unique to Athena boons which allows an ability to repel projectiles and damage back at the attacker. A projectile hit with a Deflecting ability will be sent back towards the enemy who cast it, and deals a portion of the enemy's health instead of its base damage. A well timed Deflecting ability can also negate a melee attack, dealing damage to the attacker instead.
(Note: Portion of damage not known. It doesn't appear to be eight times the base damage at least in every case. Needs verifying.)


Divine Strike



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