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Artemis gives boons that grant Critical hits and improve Cast abilities.


If given Nectar, Artemis will give you the Adamant Arrowhead.
Artemis' affinity gauge maxes out at 7 hearts, requiring the gifting of 6 Nectar and 1 Ambrosia.


Artemis' favor requires seeing multiple strings of dialogue in which she talks about her partner, Callisto. The gauge is unlocked when Artemis says that she feels like she can be herself with Zagreus.


Some of Artemis' boons give the chance for an ability to do Critical damage. This is a modifier that causes foes to take more damage than usual. A critical hit will deal 300% damage to an enemy, without any other modifiers.
Additionally, all projectiles created by Artemis boons (her Cast Boon, True Shot, as well as Artemis' Aid projectiles, Mirage Shot projectiles, and Support Fire projectiles) will bypass held shields on Exalted Greatshields and Theseus.


Mirage Shot



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